A year of Speedvagen bike builds.


The year is wrapping up and there are some positive changes underway at The Vanilla Workshop. We have our sights set on the 2018 Speedvagen guidebook and what's to come. We do feel that it's a important to celebrate our craft, and all the blood, sweat, heart, and hard work that goes into what came out of the shop this year.  

Largely, as a company we march to the beat of our own drum, but we love to hear form our customers, fans, and potential newcomers to the #SpeedvagenFamily. Below is a gallery of 26 (no we couldn't narrow it down to 25) complete builds that the crew here has selected, but really we want to know which is your favorite? What do you want to see 2018? Has the lack of sparkle in our paint schemes been the hold up for you? Let us know! 


Drop us a comment below! or Shoot us an email with your thoughts, questions or high fives info@speedvagen.com