Wait list? This ain't no Vanilla.

From the time you confirm your order till delivery, is roughly 3-4 months. Confirmation of your order means that you have approved your custom frame design, your parts listing, paint scheme and final cost.

What's the difference between an Ready Made and a custom Speedvagen?

Our Ready Made bikes are produced in batches with stock sizing and feature a limited amount of options when it comes to the paint and the build packages. Because of this, we're able to keep the costs down and move them through fabricaton fairly quickly.

How do I get started with an order? 

When you're ready, please place your deposit online and we'll reach out to you to discuss the next steps. Things we'll want to discuss is your custom fit, the style of bike you're interested in, upgrades and how you'd like it build up and painted.

Can I order just a frameset?

We are only selling Speedvagen as complete bikes. It's important for us to have your bike be 100% Speedvagen, from the fit to the design to the final build out. This way we can make sure that you're out there on a bike that's build up in our ideals.

How can I get fit for a custom Speedvagen?

Our favorite way to fit our customers is to have you come visit us at The Vanilla Workshop here in Portland, Oregon for a custom fitting. While you're here, we'll take you on a tour of the Workshop and can also answer any questions you have about the bike you'd like us to make for you, on top of see examples of paint and color in person! If a trip to Portland is difficult, hopefully you'll be able to join us on one of our domenstic or International Fitting Tours. Other ways we can get your custom fit is if you have a current bike that fits you well, please fill out our Current Bike Fit and send it to us for review. If you're not sure your current bike fits you well, we recommend that you find a professional fitter near where you live and send the results from your fitting to us.

Can I schedule a fitting in Portland for a custom Speedvagen?

Please email us at to coordinate and schedule a time.

How custom is custom? 

Custom is where we can really dial in the proportions for the individual and make a bike that will be perfectly balanced for them and that will also look just right. The frame is designed from the ground up just for that owner and not based on any template. Things that get adjustment with custom are: TT length, ST and HT angle, HT length, TT/ standover height, fork rake and it's relationship with the headtube angle (this plays a big role in a bike being twitchier, or more stable), CS length (this plays a role in the balance of a bike), BB drop (is optimized for the rider, their size and the type of riding/ racing that they'll use the SV for).

Can I see a design my custom frame GEOMETRY before I confirm the order?

Once we have your custom fit specifics, we will share with you the results. You're more than welcome to make any changes you want to and also use your approved fit for your other bikes!

Can I see a mock-up of my chosen paint scheme?

We have graphic designers on hand that will work with you on your Speedvagen's paint scheme. Keep in mind that it's good to have a general idea of the look you are going for as it will help us narrow down your options and help you find your favorite scheme quicker. Generally speaking, each customer can have up to five mock-ups at no additonal charge. If you need more, we're more than happy to keep designing, but after five mock-ups we will start charging you our hourly design rate fee of $75 an hour.

Can you paint it like this other brand of bike?

NOPE, nor would we want to! It's important for us that a Speedvagen looks like a Speedvagen. As a result, we will not use other bike companies paint schemes or signature colors. 

Can I mix and match your graphic options?

We work really hard to develop our schemes each year and while we are happy to offer custom colors, we really don't tweak our graphic layout from the standard options that we offer. Our paint schemes are designed in such a way to be efficient for our paint department while still remaining aesthetically balanced and fun. While some changes might seems small or insignificant, the redesign, layout and paint application can add a considerable amount of time to an already, intensive scheme. This is something that we are very sensitive to. That being said, we are more than happy to work with you on custom colors or special personal touches that make it truly special for you.

Can I get last years Surprise Me?

We only offer the Surprise Me paint schemes to customers who placed their deposit for the bike in the calendar year of the Surprise Me.

When will the new Surprise Me be released?

It's a Surprise!

What if I request a Surprise Me paint scheme and don't like it?

No hints. No regrets.

What is the carbon seat tube upgrade?

The carbon seat tube is one of our most popular upgrades for a custom Speedvagen. Much like a carbon fork, a carbon seat tube is going to dampen the vibration you feel from the road. Also, it shaves a little weight off the bike (1/2 to a 1/3 a pound depending on frame size). The frame will still ride like a steel bike, you'll just feel a little less road vibration in the saddle which will result in a more comfortable ride.

How much does a bike weigh?

A lot of weight is dependent on the size of the frame and then the gruppo that it chosen for the build out. It is safe to assume that a standard rim brake road bike with a light weight build and gruppo (stock 56 size) might weight around 16lbs or so. A bike with disc brakes will add a pound of weight to the frame. Please note, we don't really weigh everything at our shop and there are a lot of variables on each bike we build, as a result it is difficult to give weight estimates. At the Vanilla Workshop, our focus is building you the best bike with the best ride quality. This matters more to us than how many grams are in a water bottle cage.

Is labor included in the cost?

Build labor is not included in the cost for our custom Speedvagen. We charge a fixed labor fee for custom fittings, custom wheelbuilds and also complete bike builds. 


Is packaging included in the cost?

Packaging costs are not included for a custom Speedvagen. When it comes to packaging, you can choose from our Airline Packaging or The Sled. The Sled doubles as a table top repair stand, display stand and requires minimal build time upon delivery where as Airline Packaging will require some build up when you receive the bike. Please note, The Sled packaging is too big to check on to the belly of a plane where as the Airline Packaging fits most commerical airlines.

Is shipping included in the cost?

If you live in the continential US, we will ship you a complete bike for free. If you live overseas and order a complete bike, we will give you a $100 credit on shiping costs. If you live overseas, you will be responsible for any taxes or tarifs to get the bike into your country. As always, you are welcome to come visit us in Portland to pick up your bike in person!

Do you ship internationally?

We have many customers all over the world, it is no problem to ship to where ever you may live.

Do you use a seat post?

NO! Every Speedvagen has an integrated seat mast sized specfically for the owner. The integrated seat mast has a seat post head at the top of a stainless shim, which attaches the saddle to the frame. Your saddle height will have 15mm of adjustability to it.

As the majority of your frames are steel, do I need to worry about rust?

The outside of our bikes are protected under multiple layers of paint and clear coat. On the inside, we coat all our tubes with "Framesaver", a wax-like substance that protects the bike from rusting inside of the tubes. When you add these cautionary elements to taking good care of your bike (not leaving it outside, being wary of extreme temperature changes that would cause condensation, and giving it a quick scrub down after a long hot sweaty ride) you're taking care of a majority of issues that lead to rust. That being said, if you live in an area which is more prone to rust, we do have a Corrosion Resistant Package for custom Speedvagens. 

Is there anything else I'm missing?

When it comes down to it, we really do believe that you are getting the absolute best bike that we can make for you, both in terms of the materials that we're using for the frame, the design, the fabrication, the painting, the build, test ride, and also how we take care of our customers. It is precisely all of these things, done to the depth that we do them, that makes your Speedvagen what it is. Additionally, not only is the ride quality amazing, but with a Speedvagen you are guaranteed to have a bike that is unique to you and unlike any other out on the road.


Ready Made FAQs

Can I order just a frameset?

NO! We are only selling Speedvagen as complete bikes. It's important for us to have your bike be 100% Speedvagen, from the fit to the design to the final build out. This way we can make sure that you're out there on a bike that's build up in our ideals.

What stock sizes do you have?

Each Ready Made model has the geo chart under the “Build Details” section.

What if I don't know what size I am?

Do you have a bike currently that fits you well? If so please use that bike to fill out our Current Bike Fit form and send back to us for a free sizing recommendaiton. If you don't have a bike that fits you well, we recommend visting a trained fit professional near where you live and then send that informaiton back to us for review.

Can I get one of your other custom paint schemes on my Ready Made?

We are only doing the Ready Made's in the paint scheme they are shown with. We can offer you custom color or personalization for an upgrade.

Is labor included in the cost?

Yes, build labor is included in the cost for our Ready Made line. It is not included in the cost for custom Speedvagens.

Is shipping and packaging included in the cost?

Packaging and Shipping is not included in the cost of our Ready Made line.

What upgrades can I get?

We have a wide varierty of upgrades for each of our models, please email us to let us know what you might be interested in.

What's the timeline like?

Most Ready Mades have a timeline of 6 weeks from when you confirm your order. From time to time we might have a special release that will follow a different timeline though.

Do you use a seat post?

NO! Every Speedvagen has an integrated seat mast sized specfically for the owner. The integrated seat mast has a seat post head at the top of a stainless shim, which attaches the saddle to the frame. Your saddle height will have 15mm of adjustability to it.