the speedvagen fit clinic: We want to demystify fit

Fit can be very mysterious. You go see someone for a fitting, they do a bunch of stuff to change your position and send you on your way. Often times, you don’t know the “what and why” of it all. Our fitting methods are born from us riding, fitting people, riding, fitting more people, riding, and on and on, for 17 years now. We take what we have learned from our riding and racing careers and applied that to how we fit, then take what we learn during a fit and feel that out while we ride. Because of this natural evolution, what we’ve ended up with are 7 principles of fitting that are rooted in what you feel on the bike.  

Because our fitting methods stem from the experience of feeling what’s going on with our own bodies on our own bike, we also want to arm riders with some tools to help them understand their own fit.

Fitting is big business in the bicycle world right now with most of the big manufacturers and component makers trying to conquer that world with robotic fit bikes, body sensors, lasers and computer algorithms. At $300-$500 it’s no wonder why the big boys would not want to cyclists to dial things in on their own.


The Speedvagen Fit Clinic

A three hour course where we share our fit principles and teach you how to apply them to your own riding. The goal is not to fit you, but rather to arm you with knowledge and confidence to dial things in on your own bike over the next several months of riding; This way when you’re riding and you’re feeling pressure here, or strained muscles there, you’ll be able to think critically and dissect the issue.

Our Fit Clinics new for us and are still in beta mode, so you’ll be a part of refining the course curriculum. Come hang out with a bunch of other bike lovers, pick up a couple of skillz of your own, have a couple of beverages on us!


Upcoming Clinics:

August 27, 2017 - RSVP here

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