the speedvagen fit

One part of fit is comfort. And another part of fit is efficiency and power. Comfort and power are aspects that any fitting method will focus on.

The Speedvagen fit is different. We're a little fanatical about it. Here's why:

For a race machine to ride right, it has to be weighted right. Think about that. A bike (or car, or any fine piece of equipment) could have perfect geometry, incredible detail and engineering, the best components, but if it isn't weighted right, the true potential of that machine will not be unlocked.

The trend in the world of bike fitting is toward a more upright position. The more upright fit unweights the front wheel making the bike ride and steer more like a minivan (floaty and disconnected from the road) than a sports car (connected solid and responsive). And while that may be fine for a bike that's being ridden on the bike path for a few miles, for a Speedvagen to corner hard, descend fast and climb predictably and effortlessly, our customers need to be fit in a way that is going to bring out the best in their race machine.

When a rider is positioned properly on the bike, we call it balance. Balance is the key to confidence and confidence is the key to achieving all great things, on or off the bike.

To get get you in this place of balance, first we line up your center of gravity above the bike. This evenly distributes your weight across the contact points, (the saddle and handlebar). The second part happens when we design your bike from the ground up to distribute your weight perfectly onto each wheel — an elusive attribute of bike design and the secret to next level awesomeness.

With balance dialed, the rider has an intuitive connection with their machine and through that, they feel connected to the road. Because the bike is perfectly weighted, you can push harder through corners with more confidence than ever before.

We believe so deeply in getting our customers dialed that we travel the world on our Fitting Tours as well as fit Speedvagen customers in our Portland, Oregon Workshop.