Demo, NOS, and Consignment Speedvagen Bicycles

A big part of who we are and what we want to do, is making bikes that actually get ridden...HARD. We don't ever like the idea of wall hangers. On our end though there are occasions when a customer might back out of their frame, after we started, or we might have old demo bikes being replaced by the next batch. This is the place to score a good deal on all of the above things. This is the only way you can get a frameset in 2018.


Used 2016 Lavender OG1 Frame SEt

$3500 OBO

2016 OG1 Frameset with Fresh Lavender repaint (july of 2018). Frame has seen a few hundred miles tops.

758-773mm saddle height range (with 49mm Scoop Shallow).

571mm reach and 94mm of drop.

87mm setback with the saddle centered in the clamp of the R25 SPH.

Up to 10mm spacers under the Enve 110mm stem.

Ritchey WCS Logic headset.



Photo model 2017 Operation HAWT OG1

$4995 OBO

2017 Operation Hawt OG1 Complete in a size 56 CM 120 stem and a saddle height of 775. Zero Miles have been put on this bike.

760-780mm saddle height range (with Fabric Scoop ).

Shimano Ultegra Mechanical Build

Ritchey r25 Seat Post Head

120mm Pro PLT Stem.