Custom Speedvagen Track


You may remember this custom Overt Speedvagen Road from a few months back. As it turns out, the owner had a second bike idea in the works while we were working on this one. This time around he approached us with the idea of a custom track bike. Something we haven't made since 2011. Wanting to stick with a "matching" but distinctly different Overt paint scheme, the plan was set in motion. 


Never a company to shy away from a challenge, this bike is everything that Speedvagen as a brand stands for. Striping away all that is un-need and innovating what is left.  The build started out knowing we would use our signature stainless Vanilla track dropouts. We then braze on a brass plate to give superb gripping power to the track axle nuts. A tapered head tube allowed us to forgo using an external King headset cup, keeping the front end sleek and minimal. 

The bar-stem combo may be the icing on this unicorn themed cake. We used an Enve Composites bar paired with a built in house steel stem that also integrates with the Chris King bearing cap. The bars and stem were then carbon wrapped together giving a near seamless transition from bar to stem to head tube. 



Speedvagen Overt Custom Track Machine. 

Slate, Gold, Vermillion, Army

  • Frameset: Custom Speedvagen track featuring polished stainless Vanilla track drop outs and tapered head tube. 
  • Seat Post Head: Enve Composites
  • Crank: Sugino 75
  • Chain: CeramicSpeed UFO track chain
  • Cog: EAI Gold Medal Pro 14t
  • Wheelset: Enve SES 7.8 w/  Phil Wood track hubs
  • Tires: Continental Sonderklasse II
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Handlebars: Enve carbon wrapped to custom steel stem
  • Saddle: Fizik Arione 00

The only question left is if we did a batch of Ready Made Track Machines, would you pull the trigger? Shoot an email to and we will keep you up to date if or when this might happen.