there's no road too rugged



details make the difference

Details make the difference. The time and care we put into each bike goes toward the craft of hundreds of details big and small. Each refinement alone is not revolutionary, but when put together make for a rarified gestalt experience, on and off the bike. This sum, greater than each part, is a feeling—an emotion for how the bike rides that only a Speedvagen can give you. From start to finish, we put 150 hours into each and every Speedvagen. Ask around and you’ll find that in the world of custom bikes, this is an extraordinary amount of time. A mass produced steel frame can take just an hour to build while a basic custom frame can take as little as ten hours. There are a lot of bikes in the world. Heck, there is a lot of everything in the world. We are not here to crank bikes out and fill the world with more stuff, stuff that is just OK, or even stuff that is good. We are here to make a handful of bikes that are the pinnacle of ride quality and to give our customers a rarified great experience. We’re here to bring excellence to the world.



og1 standard features


Speedvagen steel is realer than real.

Made from the latest technology, our new steel is to traditional steel what a what a Tesla is to a 60’s Ford. Speedvagen tubes are 4-6 times stronger than the tubing people typically associate with a steel bike. Because it’s stronger, it can be made lighter, resulting in a Speedvagen as light as 13lbs (6kgs) complete. Learn more about our tubing in our deep dive.


Meet the Berzerker.

This dropout is our lightest and smartest to date. The Berzerker dropout is cast from a super strong steel alloy and incorporates stainless steel inner and outer faces. The use of dual materials means that we get the strength of the base metal and the protection from wear and tear offered by raw stainless.


Stainless where it matters.

We like to use stainless steel in high wear and tear areas, and our seatstay bridge is better for it. In addition to the stainless reinforcement, the inside of the bridge has been machined out, turning the chunk of metal into what is essentially a very light and stiff box structure. The bridge tapers to a larger diameter where it attaches to the stays, decreasing flex, improving braking, and making for a beautiful transition.


popular upgrades


Integrated bar / stem combo

We offer the painted to match Ritchey and Pro one-piece bar/stem combos as an upgrade option on our road bikes, Rugged Road and CX bikes. We like to extend the color of the frame into the extremities of the bike whenever we can making the surface area on top a broad canvas for our color integration.


Internal battery customization

We’ve developed our own integrated battery system which affixes the Shimano or Campagnolo battery neatly inside the top of the seatmast and under the seatpost head. The system is beautifully designed, weatherproof, and requires no tools for installation or removal of the battery for charging; it’s a pleasure to use.


Custom painted hubs

Hubs are a prime location to incorporate your Speedvagen frame color. Instead of the wheels looking like extra parts bolted into the bike, we like to carry the frame color down the fork and frame, through the hub and back up the frame/fork on the other side.