Taking it to 11 with Ivy Audrain


(11 hard hitting questions with Speedvagen SSCX Team crusher Ivy Audrain)


1. Where are you right now?

In Los Angeles for a long training block, initially plagued with heavy rain and a nasty cold. 

2. Can you give us what a race day looks like for you. What's your routine from waking up to racing? 

My race day routine is a reflection of my ethos applied to racing: it's just another day. Minor differences may include an third coffee consumed or second breakfast, depending upon the duration of the race. Favorite pre-race breakfast is rice with eggs and Bragg's liquid aminos on top, favorite Stumptown roast is Rwanda Huye Mountain, and favorite pre-race playlist includes Madvillain, Kendrick Lamar, and Method Man. Other absolutes include petting Catboi (if I'm home in Portland), calling Mom, and packing a post-race cooler with snacks and a few beers. 

3. State of racing - What’s working, what’s not, what do you want to see more of?

What's working in racing are venues that provide its participants an opportunity to be the best versions of themselves, get out of their comfort zones, and get what they need out of cycling. That includes cyclocross, events like the Epic Series races, gravel races, Grinduro, SSXCWC/SSCXWC, etc. As someone who has raced competitively for so long, I am acutely aware of all the feelings of inadequacy and constant comparison that go along with it, so it's unbelievably refreshing to now be a part of a community with 'come as you are' expectations. There is something really unique about the disparity of expectations for each person at events like this, where for one person, it might mean trying to win, and another person only had the goal of building up enough confidence to pin on a number and simply start the race. In a discipline that will inundate you with messages that you're not where you could or should be (even at your best), it's really cool to feel like you're finally 'enough', your ability level is 'enough', and it's okay to determine your own expectations for what you want out of racing.

4. What Races will you be attending this season?

Redlands Classic

Chico Stage Race

Joe Martin UCI Stage Race

Sea Otter (TBD)

Cascade Cycling Classic (TBD)

Whiskey 50


Carson City Offroad

BC Superweek

Downieville Classic

PDX Trophy Cup Series

Cross Crusade Series


CX Nationals

5. You've been on your Custom CX Bikes for around 6mo. What are your thoughts, anything unexpected? 

My favorite thing right now is taking my CX bikes where they don't belong. The most unexpected thing about these bikes is what kind of terrain they are capable of handling, *comfortably. My two most memorable rides in the past six months were in settings curated for trail bikes, full suspension, and big tires; and I surreptitiously 'crashed the party', in an act of both defyance and confidence in my machines. The results were: a flawlessly sturdy yet nimble ride.  

1) Riding SSXCWC in Bend, OR on my Speedvagen SS CX rig, and

2) Riding the Tahoe Rim Trail, another XC ride, on my geared Speedvagen CX bike. 

6. Give us a cycling "Pro Tip" that has made an impact on you. 

My 'Pro Tip': there is no secret recipe. Do what makes you feel good about what you're doing: whether it be training, racing, or resting. Make a decision that is right for you, and feel confident that you've made that choice in observation of your own well-being. 

7. Tater tots or Fries?


8. What do you put on a bagel? 

I like a super dank everything bagel with almond butter. Sweet + savory levels: uncharted. Alternatively: Butter + Marmite.

9. Gotta choose one... Eat only meatloaf for a week, or have to carry a boom box for a week that only plays Meatloaf. Why? 

Eating meatloaf for a week sounds like something I would do voluntarily, because I am a fan of most loaf foods. 

10. Last book you read?

A textbook in college. I'm an article reader, not a book reader. 

11. Go to after race treat? 

Miller HIgh Life, or a super salty margarita. 

Ivy T

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