Taking it to 11 with Christian Meier


(11 hard hitting questions with Christian Meier, former world tour pro, owner of The Service Course, Espresso Mafia, and La Fabrica. Speedvagen owner who purchased his Custom SV Road as a retirement gift to himself form the pro peloton )


1. Where are you right now?

Sitting in The Service Course in Girona.

2. Can you give us what a Race day looks like for you today. How is it different from when you were a pro? What's your routine from waking up to racing? 

Race days for me now tend to be riding full gas all day, especially at gravel events! Pro life was a bit more complex because I was working for a team and tactics were decided with the intention of winning, now my intentions are just to arrive to the finish line Fucked! My routine these days is wake up, drink coffee, scramble, drink more coffee, make it to the line just in time before the gun goes off!

3. State of the racing - whats working? whats not? what do you want to see more of?

Gravel is working, its fun, engaging for all levels, open to everyone and not elitist. Professional road racing is the least professional of all the sports out there, no solid rider´s union and the races seem to rule the sport more than our own organising body. I want to see people having more fun!

4. What Races/Rides will you be attending this season?

Hoping to get to Land Run 100, Nova Eroica,  Dirty Kanzaa, Torino-Nice Rally and some multi day mixed terrain adventures in the mountains!

5. You've been on your Custom Road Bike for around 3 years now. What are your thoughts, anything unexpected? 

Its been three years of owning my SV but also trying many other bikes from steel to carbon and while there are some excellent builders for my personal tastes no bike has the balance of comfort, fit and raciness of my SV, love it every time I swing a leg over It´s a bloody Swiss army knife of bikes, ridden it on Strada Biance, with packs on multi day trips up to smashing Strava KOMs. 

6. Give us a cycling "Pro Tip" that has made an impact on you?

Everything is about balance, live, ride, eat and love. As a pro I was a valuable to the team because I was always in good shape and that came from not doing crazy things that may get me super fit for a short period but a sustainable routine that allowed me to be fresh and ready always. This is not a fad diet. 

7. Tater tots or Fries?

As long as there’s Ketchup. 

8. Who made the best cup of coffee you have ever had? 

The cups that changed my life was Stumptown circa 2006 ish in Portland when I was there for the Mt Hood Classic, ruined coffee for me forever and sent me down the rabbit hole to opening my own shop and roasting.

9. Go to after race treat? 

Haribo Star Mix or after a hot one a crisp beer. 

10. Favorite race you have ever done?

The Tour was a pretty special race.

11. Whats next for The Service Course?

Next up is a new location in Florence, Italy, the food is so good we had to open a shop there!