Taking it to 11 with Ashton Lambie

Photo by:  Elliot Layda

Photo by: Elliot Layda


(11 hard hitting questions with 4k individual pursuit world record holder and SV Rider Ashton Lambie)


1. Where are you right now?

Hobbiton! But seriously, New Zealand with Team USA for the World Cup. We’ve been here just long enough for me to get super sunburned, but I’m having a great time! 

2. Can you give us what a Race day looks like for you. What's your routine from waking up to racing? 

Wake up. Coffee. Eat. Go to the track. Warm up. Play phone games (alto’s adventure or Minecraft) and listen to Iris Temple to get in the zone. Race. Cool down. Repeat as needed.

3. Long ride or gravel race nutrition, what do you eat and drink?

For long rides, I usually want more than just liquid nutrition. Before a gravel race, I usually have some egg and rice mess. On the ride, I'll have gels and  Margaret's cookies. At the checkpoints, I like to have some savory options like wraps. I get bored with all the sweet stuff. A coke is great after a long hot ride!

4. What Gravel races will you be attending this season?

I'm for sure going to Landrun 100 and the Epic. The rest, I'll fit in as it works out.

5. You've been on your Custom Rugged Road for almost 4 months now. What are your thoughts, anything unexpected? 

It's way faster than I thought it would be, and it's crazy how well it fits! I've had bike fits before, but the custom fit is incredible. Even after test-riding one of Sacha's bikes for the fit, this one is so much better. It's amazing to have a bike fit this well and also do everything I could possibly want. I can keep up on road rides, throw on aero bars, or go for a leisurely gravel ride all on the same bike! I can't emphasis enough how great it is!

6. Give us a cycling "Pro Tip" that has made an impact on you. 

"There's no such thing as over-training, just under- recovery."--Chris Dellasega, my strength coach.

7. Tater tots or Fries?

Home fries with mayo and mustard 

8. What do you put on a bagel? 

You can't go wrong with cream cheese, lox, and onion. Not capers, though. Those are a garbage vegetable.

9. Is the hour record on your radar? 

Definitely. It's crazy, and I love crazy.

10. Last book you read?

Growing Great Garlic. It looks great so far!

11. Go to after race treat? 
Reece's and scotch.

Photo by: @kbschlee

Photo by: @kbschlee