2017 Surprise Me.


Each year, since the start of Surprise Me, in 2009, we have built a shop bike with that year's scheme for our archive at the shop. With last year's being the loud pink and cyan design, we decided to go a little more understated for our 2017 bike. This year features three shades of grey, vermillion, and a deep red. The paint and design work for 2017 features an asymmetric polka dot pattern, with two bands of open circles cutting diagonally through the frame. Those open circles are painted by hand on top of the clear coat. This both gives texture and color to break up the polka dot pattern. Our shop bike also features our new Anodized Faceplate Kit. Check out the full gallery below.


Interested in a 2017 Surprise Me? Well its not too late, you have until the end of the year to order one. It can still be surprise custom color palette too. Email us at Info@speedvagen.com if you have any questions!