Operation Hawt OG1

Operation-Hot enve build 2.png

It's no secret that the crew at The Vanilla Workshop loves that smooth sound of 80's soft rock/yacht rock. Maybe its the use of a synth, or just the nostalgia of growing up with TV shows like Miami Vice. For what ever reason, Hawt Pink has been a part of the Speedvagen design language since the very first Surprise Me. You know what they say... if you love something set it free, if you want to make that thing again, well, you must actually like it quite a bit (i think thats the quote). So here we are ready fire Hawt Pink back up in a limited fashion, called the Operation Hawt OG1.

Here are the FAQs

1. You don't need Eclipse glasses to view it, but sunglasses are recommended. 

2. Distracting your competitors can be an advantage. Our testing indicates Operation Hawt Pink equates to 18 min over a 100 mi ride, but our 1982 Casio T-1500 Walking Dictionary Calculator Watch is stuck in dictionary mode so that figure could be wildly off.

3. Owning a white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa is not mandatory (but if you have one we can borrow for a photo shoot and are in the Portland area hit us up info@speedvagen.com).

4. It is rumored that your collar will automatically pop at 88 mph. 


5. We may or may not have designed this bike around Crockett and Tubs Halloween costumes. 

6. No we haven't checked what they look like under a black light.

7. Yes we have linen cycling kits in the works. 

8. The Enve build package might be the best pricing we will ever offer and its only sticking around for 3 weeks. 

9. A 60cm isn't available, well if a minimum of three of you want them, then we will make it happen. 

10. All of the real info is available here: Speedvagen Operation Hawt


Thank you for being a friend...yeah we just wanted to work a Golden Girls reference in here. If you have any questions shoot us an email any time. info@speedvagen.com 



The Vanilla Workshop