Well that’s it.

Fun, right?! 

It’s fun for us too!

Give us a call or email to talk details.

Things you might want to think about:

Do I have a current bike that I like the fit of? Have I been fit by a professional any time recently... like the past ten years recently? Have I wanted to take a trip to Portland anytime soon (I hear its wet there this time of year)? Is there any chance that the Speedvagen Fitting Tour might be coming my way soon?

What gruppo do I want to run? Am I more of an old school mechanical rim brake kinda person or do I like the ease and modern flourish of electronic?

Do I have an event or specific time I need or want my custom Speedvagen race machine in time for? 

Do I totally salavate about ripping my bike down every single gravel path and fireroad I see or do I mainly stick to whatever is paved... (I hate when rocks get in my Speedplays)?

Am I a weight weenie? Am I sticking to a certain budget? 

When it comes to paint, do I like it simple, classic, mean, racy, bright, or fruity and fun? Do I like lots of graphics or perfer simplicity? Do I like surprises or control?

Thinking about these details will help guide you on the path to your next level Speedvagen; and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to be your guides.

Your next step is to call 503-233-2453 or email info@speedvagen.com and talk options!