The integrated seatmast makes for beautiful lines. Each length of every Speedvagen seatmast is finished specifically for its owner. We also use stainless steel around the top of the seat tube where our post head mounts, rather than the post head wearing on a painted surface. The result is lighter and cleaner than a traditional seatpost, and the collar looks great topped with our ENVE-made Speedvagen post head. Lighten it up with the ENVE carbon fiber seat tube upgrade and you could be defending your machine to the UCI. Another benefit: You won’t need to buy a seat post! Our framesets include the custom-sized seatmast and saddle assembly saving you up to $350 on the final build.



A prime example of our form and function approach to design. We use very light material for the main body of the head tube and reinforce the ends to distribute stresses from the rider and the road. These reinforcements taper out to just the right diameter before meeting the headset, making for a beautiful transition. Each head tube is finished by hand and sized to the perfect length for it’s owner.

All in, this adds an hour or so to the process of making a frame compared to a standard head tube.


Brake Bridge

A typical brake bridge between the seatstays has a painted face where the brake mounts. On every bike in the world throughout history, the paint gets squeezed out when the brake is bolted on, breaking up the paint and leaving bare metal to rust. We like to use stainless steel in high wear and tear areas, and our seatstay bridge is better for it! In addition to the stainless reinforcement, the inside of the bridge has been machined out, turning the chunk of metal into what is essentially a very light and stiff box structure. The bridge tapers to a larger diameter where it attaches to the stays, decreasing flex, improving braking, and making for a beautiful transition.


BerZerker Dropouts

This dropout is our lightest and smartest to date. The Berzerker dropout is cast from a super strong steel alloy and incorporates stainless steel inner and outer faces. The use of dual materials means that we get the strength of the base metal and the protection from wear and tear offered by raw stainless. For the Speedvagen disc system, we’ve modified our Berzerker dropout so that the caliper fastens to the underside of the seatstay. Not only is it cleaner than a standard bolt-from-the-top option, but it also transmits the stress from the brake upwards into the tube rather than down onto the dropout. We haven’t seen it done this way before and we believe it’s a worthwhile innovation that will make for a lighter, stronger, and visually tidier machine.