The Vanilla Workshop Rust Set

The Vanilla Workshop Rust Set

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On a recent Fitting tour is Asia, a local bike shop owner came out to see why people were lining up to get fitted by someone using a rusty, 30 year old fit bike. He had a brand new fitting studio with all the newest tooling right down the street from where we were set up. He had also just recently been trained to do fittings. At that moment things clicked: We realized it’s all about experience and how you use your tools. Our old, non-robotic fit bike, rusty from the sweat of the thousands of Speedvagen owners that we’ve fitted (and the ten thousand plus hours that we’ve honed our methods) is a perfect example.

These caps, dyed with that same rust from our fit bike, and sewn up right here in Portland, are the story of everyone who has come to us for a custom Speedvagen. Each cap is unique, as is each bike we have ever built. A reminder that a rough patina on a tool (or bike for that matter) shows experience and from experience, great things come.

• Combo set (both cap and musette) 

• Fabric Dyed in house, with parts from our fit bike

• Portland made by Double Darn

• No two caps or musettes are alike 


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