The Nooner dopp kit

The Nooner dopp kit


Bags are made to order with about a 4 week lead time to ship. 

As we near our 10th Fitting Tour, we're starting to get the hang of this travel thing! For a long time, one of the missing items to make our travel easier were large capacity, utilitarian luggage. Because of that, we reached out to our neighbors down the street, Beckel Canvas, experts in heavy duty canvas tents, to prototype some bags specific for our tour needs.

For the last year we have been testing these bags. They have traveled literally around the world and back, and then some. We have carried gear, clothing, bike parts (both fit bike and actual bike), and anything in-between; they haven't let us down. They have held up to our standards so well, and we love these things so much that we want to offer a them to you.

Made in Portland, Oregon, USA

  • Heavy duty Army cotton canvas outer.
  • Ichico sateen inner in white makes your stuff more visible
  • 4 x 6 x 12" capacity (great for kit or other travel essentials) Also works great to separate a smelly kit from your clean clothing. 
  • Metal D-rings all it to be hooked or strapped to other bags. 
  • Heavy duty zipper 
  • Tough as shit
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