Speedvagen 11th Anniversary Pennant

Speedvagen 11th Anniversary Pennant


Entering our 11th year we wanted to do something a little different. The number 11 has special significance to us (it's even in our logo), most assume its the year we started business as Speedvagen, but in actuality it's there as a constant reminder to push and innovate.

To celebrate our 11th anniversary we crafted this limited run of pennants. Hand dyed with rust from our fit bike, and sewn up right here in Oregon out of recycled army tents. These pennants are the story of everyone who has come to us for a custom Speedvagen. Each is unique and a reminder that a rough patina on a tool (or bike for that matter) shows experience and from experience, great things come.

Hang it in your garage, office or den as a constant reminder to push on that next ride. Find new roads and new experiences. After all, isnt that what life is all about?  

  • Dyed here at The Vanilla Workshop
  • Recycled Army Tent fabric
  • Made in Oregon
  • 11.5"x14" 
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