Speedvagen - McFetridge The Void long sleeve

Speedvagen - McFetridge The Void long sleeve


For The Vanilla Workshop Build-Off we worked with artist and illustrator Geoff McFetridge on a bike. Below are his words on the concept of the build. We thought it was so great we wanted to make a shirt based on it. Heres what Geoff came up with.

The Frame is a window

Riding a bicycle is our most intimate way to engage with a machine. No matter how many hours we spend riding a bicycle, that bicycle will never become more human, we experience the joys of being a machine.

A friend of mine once described road cycling as “a way for people to disappear from their families for 3 hours every Sunday morning” There was some truth to this, and could be said more simply (and with less bite) that cycling is “a way to disappear”

By disappearing, you are disappearing from responsibility, family, friends, your self and that is something that has to be reconciled. I have always considered my visits “into the void” as a way to barter with reality. I will trade my time and my commitments for a few moments where I can tone down my existence. 

In meditation, I have heard of Buddhist monks ringing a bell to focus a meditation. For me, a bike can be that thing. Familiar, constant, borderless. There is no melody with a bicycle, only rhythm. The bicycle is like a window, it is most important what you see through it.

My design is based around this concept. The space inside the frame. Within the main triangle is the implication of a circle that has to be completed in the mind of the viewer. The other elements are profiles that are part of a pattern or camouflage. These figures are a constellation of points in space that become the circle that is cycling to me. We start as a baby, then there is Marco Pantani for pain and self-destruction, Alan Watts for the dissolution of the self, Sheldon Brown as cycling’s paradigm-shifting mechanical mystic and we end as a skull.

The value of a bicycle is its ability to disappear. At the peak of any ride, your bike is gone, the frame has dissolved, you are no longer just looking at the world like a picture, you have become a part of everything that you see.

• Super soft and light weight Slub Cotton base shirt.

• Athletic fitting - when in doubt size up!

• Water based printing on the sleeves and back

• Sewn on hem tag

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