Ichico Pendleton Wool Musette

Ichico Pendleton Wool Musette

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Our new Pendleton Wool Musette incorporates one of our favorite designs from SV family member Masashi 'Ichico' Ichifuru. The repeating kanji and english text originated with our racing kit and has since been built into our 2015 SurpriseMe paint scheme. Still brings a smile to our face!


In Ichico's words “Unicorn, written in Japanese kanji character, is Ikkakujyu or ‘single horned beast.’” Ichico took the ‘beast’ part of the kanji character for the image, telling us it has the same meaning as the word "animal," but with a wilder nuance. In his words, “In the same way the number "11" in the shield represents taking it further, in order to “take it to 11” the wild in you must come out and take over.” We couldn’t agree more.

This musette features a mix of cotton and Pendleton wool. Perfect to kick off the fall season or welcome the spring.


  • Handmade in Portland, OR 

  • Constructed by Double Darn

  • Bureau of Awesomeness rating: 11

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