Chakowski Vermillion Text Jersey

Chakowski Vermillion Text Jersey

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Inspired by Speedvagen hero J. Chakowski, a beacon for how a SV should be ridden. Prioritising craft and ride quality over trend. Believing it was important to own a few very special things, not more things. Never afraid to ride hard and get his bike muddy or scratched. His bikes were tools, made to answer the question “what do I really want to do today, where do I want to go?” The vermillion Chakowski kit features subtle branding (this aint NASCAR bro!) and an all over text pattern with our core belief “We’re not here to make a gazillion bikes, we’re here to make a few very labor intensive bikes that are truly meaningful for their owners.” Hidden in plain sight. You get a minimal, clean, and understated kit, the best of this year's color palette, super breathable sleeves to air cool the guns?! You can't make this $h!t up people!!"

  • Race Cut

  • Low Profile Collar & Aero Sleeves

  • 100% Hand-Crafted in California by Eliel

  • Full-Length YKK Locking Zipper

  • Tapered, Easy-Entry Pockets

  • Reflective Trim & Patch on Pockets

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