2017 Speedvagen Pit Boots.

2017 Speedvagen Pit Boots.


The Speedvagen Pit Boots are back and refreshed for 2017! Two new colors and a full size run is available. Featuring our favorites of the 2017 color palette and a sneak peek at 2018 Alpers Blue. Get them just in time for the Portland mud.

We've been dreaming of a rubber boot that would help us skate that delicate line between the practical (wanting to have dry cozy feet) and indulgence (looking good). We wanted a boot that would both nurture our sensitive side, while maintaining that hard-man or hard-woman exterior that a crew needs to wear in the pits of the pro racing circuits. 


-US made
-Soft semi-insulated interior
-Dual density Sole; the black being ideal for rugged terrain and the red gripping on smooth slippery surfaces (think port-a-potty floor) 
-B.O.A. (Bureau of Awesome!) Rating of 11

-Local Portland pick up available to save shipping cost!

Women's Conversion: the general rule is to subtract two sizes from your U.S. women's size to find the appropriate size in U.S. men's shoes.

*The Speedvagen pit boots run large by 1/2 size. If you are wearing a very thick wool sock, you should be good with your standard size. Otherwise, we suggest you order one size smaller.

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