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We’re not here to make a gagillion bikes. We’re here to make a few, very labor intensive bikes that will be truly meaningful for their owners.

It might sound funny, but after 18 years of building custom bicycles, we finally figured out that we don't want to make as many bikes as we can sell in a year. We as a company can actually be happier doing less. For the last few years we have been facing a hard decision, continue to grow and produce more, or stay small, keep every aspect of what has taken us to where we are, make no sacrifices, and stay special. Well, we have made that choice. For 2018 we will only be producing 111 custom complete bikes. No frame sets. That’s about 70 fewer custom bikes then we have made in each of the previous two years. 

You see, we love those special touches in life, the so-called “once in a lifetime experiences.” We want to bring our customers that and only that. If we get any bigger we feel that the end result will not be the same, and we are unwilling to compromise that experience. Putting a cap on yearly orders might mean a wait list is inevitable, but it also means a lot more. We can pursue our craft more to refine our product and make it better. Innovate more to offer things that no one else does. Prototype and test more to have new models that we truly believe bring something new to cycling, not just aimed at cashing in on marketing terms like “all road” or “gravel”. It affords us the time to focus on being better family members, community members, racers and riders. All while continuing to provide an unmatched experience from your first interaction with customer service, to the day you get your bike, or even years after you have had your Speedvagen. There is a reason we call it the Speedvagen Family. 



Speedvagen has always been about bringing into the world something that is different, something that we believe in, and hopefully something that is truly meaningful to you, our customers. From day one it was about stripping away all that wasn’t necessary and innovating with what was left. This is simply us taking that aspect of the business to eleven. In 2018 there will be less, but it will be better. 

People gravitate toward us because of how our bikes look. What they are surprised by and what makes them come to love their Speedvagen like a best friend, is that it rides better than anything else they’ve been on.

The way our bikes look is important to us, too; tons of beautiful details, all balanced so that no one thing stands out—that definitely drives us. Any detail that you see on a Speedvagen is there because of it’s function. We ask, "how is it going to make the bike ride better; how is it going to make the rider’s experience better;" and then, "how can we make those details understated and beautiful?"

As you read through our guidebook, you will learn about all of the elements that make a Speedvagen ride so unbelievably well. And when you pull the trigger, you’re going to get that beautiful bike that you’ve been lusting after on Instagram, our website, or your pal’s garage. What you may not know is that you’re also going to get a bike with a fit that makes you more powerful and allows you to feel at one with the road; a bike that has details you may not notice for years, and construction that any bike nerd would appreciate 100 years from now when the paint is tattered, leaving the raw form of the bike. This is the stuff, for us, that makes our bikes “best friend material.”

Please spend some quality time with this guidebook. Then, let’s jump on the phone to talk through any questions you have and get your dream bike started!


Sincerely, The Vanilla Workshop Crew


Welcome to the workshop.
here's what's new for 2018 and beyond.



Speedvagen now come as either Ready Made with our dialed stock geometry or Full Custom. Both are handmade with the same materials features and techniques. Custom offers you full license to go wild with paint, component spec and all the details. Ready Made is a straight-to-the-point way to get your hands on a hand built Speedvagen in about 4 weeks.


For it’s third round, our OG1 road machine will have options for Ultegra mechanical shifting, as well as Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting. The OG1 will come standard with Fabric Scoop titanium railed saddle and will only be available in our perennial favorite color, Matte Army Green. What about things like OG Classic and Operation Hawt? Well all we can say is stay tuned, we always have a few tricks up our sleeves 


We are so pumped on the 2018 color palette! Springboarding off of our favorite Surprise Me from last year, this year’s family of colors includes Slate, Alpers, Industrial Grey, Berry, Vermillion, and Mustard. All of these pair perfectly with our secondary color palette, including: Army, Gold, Coral, Toddy, and Raisin (its like the deepest purple on earth).


Want to fly that Speedvagen flag? This is the scheme for you, racy and mean. This diagonally laid out design, keeps the eye moving across the bike, perfectly complimenting our frames, we also think it looks fast AF.  


Our “chef’s choice” paint option gets the newest of what we’re working on–a snapshot of the the future of Speedvagen design, combined with the surprise of not knowing what you’re getting until you open the box. As always, “No hints. No regrets.”

Capped Ordering

There will only be 111 complete Speedvagen, leaving the Workshop this year. In an effort to be better this is the number we believe where no detail will be overlooked. Along with that this provides easier scheduling for your build as we can tell you exactly when your bike will move from fabrication > Paint > Build > Shipping based on when you confirm your order. 


For those living in coastal regions or riding year round in areas with salted roads, our custom frames now come with the option of Harsh Climate protection to preserve all areas that are typically affected by corrosives. Our HC package includes:

  • Stainless Steel Headtube, Bottom Bracket Shell, Waterbottle Bosses, Cable Stops, Front Derailleur Brazeons
  • Full Stainless dropouts
  • Anti-corrosion chemical treatment inside and out on frame before paint
  • Multiple extra coats of paint (primer, color and clear)
  • Thorough coating of protective oils inside of frame post-paint


Do you like light weight with the great ride of a steel race machine? This is for you. In addition to our original custom road model, you will have the option of a custom Superlight road frameset. With the Superlight, thanks to our new steel, stronger stainless, and some strategically placed carbon, you can get great handling and a balanced ride and drop one full pound from the overall weight of an already light Speedvagen frameset!


This year, we’re going even deeper on details with our component offerings. Topping the list is our new Super Kit X, guaranteeing you the lightest Speedvagen built to date. It includes feathery light wheels by Light Weight, brakes from EE and other special touches bringing overall bike weights as low as 13 lbs. We are also offering a couple of power-meters, three new custom saddle and bar wrap offerings from Busyman in Australia, plus Silca frame and floor pumps, beautifully painted to match your new bike!


let's talk design philosophy



We design our bikes not only to even out weight on a rider’s contact points, but also to distribute the rider’s weight perfectly onto each wheel—an elusive attribute of bike design. We call this balance — frame geometry designed to perfectly connect the rider with their bespoke machine and through that, connect them to the road. To achieve this perfect balance, our fit process focuses on the relationship between core muscle groups to find the perfect position for you and your Speedvagen. Good fit is your body being in the right shape where your back and arm muscles relax and your body is free to move on the bike. The result of perfect fit and balance is a rarified pairing where you are connected to and working with your bike, rather than fighting it. Because the bike is perfectly weighted, you can push harder through corners with more confidence than ever before. You won’t know until you try it and this is your chance!



Look closely at a Speedvagen when you see one in person. Every curve and line of the frame is designed to look and work as one. Our head tube design is shaped perfectly to pair with the lines of  ENVE forks, smoothly cascading from tube to headset to fork crown. The seat stays hug the form of the wheel tapering flat and wide for a smooth ride and creating a beautiful silhouette from behind. Frame-to-component interfaces are mated with stainless reinforcement in high-wear areas—their curvatures smoothly blending between the tubes they attach. The ultimate example is our Di2 battery storage that tucks away inside your seat mast with our own machined aluminum cap that echoes the shape of a classic sports car gas cap. Small parts like cable stops, stainless steel reinforced brake bridges, head tube reinforcing rings, and down tube adjusters are all of our own design. These features and all of the frame elements are what take every Speedvagen frame to eleven.


craft - 150 hours


Details make the difference.

The time and care we put into each bike goes toward the craft of hundreds of details big and small. Each refinement alone is not revolutionary, but when put together make for a rarified gestalt experience, on and off the bike. This sum, greater than each part, is a feeling—an emotion for how the bike rides that only a Speedvagen can give you.

From start to finish, including design, development, and prototyping, we put an average of 150 hrs into custom Speedvagen complete builds. Ask around and you’ll find that in the world of custom bikes, this is an extraordinary amount of time. A mass produced steel frame can take just an hour to build while a basic custom frame can take as little as ten hours.

There are a lot of bikes in the world. Heck, there is a lot of everything in the world. We are not here to crank bikes out and fill the world with more stuff, stuff that is just OK, or even stuff that is good. We are here to make a handful of bikes that are the pinnacle of ride quality and to give our customers a rarified great experience. We’re here to bring excellence to the world.


the speedvagen frame


We design Speedvagen road bikes in the tradition of the great stage race machine.

They are comfortable for long days in the saddle and solid at high speeds. Well behaved while climbing and confidence inspiring in descents. Riding curvy roads, in the heat of “battle” the bike feels better and more fun the faster it goes.

It’s not the material, it’s what the builder does with it.

We’ve all ridden good and bad frames made out of carbon, Ti, Aluminium and steel. What the builder does with the material is what either brings it to life or leaves it wanting. Is your builder a master of their material? Are they getting the most out of what that material can do? Made from the latest technology, our new steel is to traditional steel what a Tesla is to a 60’s Ford. In reality, the material of our frames is so different from the traditional steel, that it’s more like a distant cousin. That cool older cousin from the big city who comes to visit you in Smallsville, Ohio. The one wearing a Metallica t-shirts and and driving an obscure hotrod and telling you all about the big world out there for the 6 days she’s in town.

Our new steel tubing is made up of the strongest alloys from True Temper and Columbus. The stronger the alloy is, the thinner it can be drawn. The thinner the tubing, the lighter it is. When you go thin and light, you also need to make the diameter of the tube larger to keep the frame stiff. Look at one of our frames—you’ll see larger diameters up at the head tube to deal with the twisting forces from the rider pulling on the handlebar in a sprint and smaller diameter at the seat cluster to help absorb shock. The down tube is bi-axially ovalized (fancy words for ovals being oriented at 90 degrees to each other) because you have vertical force up at the head tube and side to side force where the down tube meets the bottom bracket. The seatstays are curved to soak up shock and flattened to resist your pedaling forces.

With our new steel, Speedvagen tubes are 4-6 times stronger than the tubing people typically associate with a steel bike. Because it’s stronger, it can be made lighter, resulting in a Speedvagen as light as 13lbs (6kgs) complete.

Check out the deep dive on Speedvagen tubing.


standard features



The integrated seatmast makes for beautiful lines. Each length of every Speedvagen seatmast is finished specifically for its owner. We also use stainless steel around the top of the seat tube where our post head mounts, rather than the post head wearing on a painted surface. The result is lighter and cleaner than a traditional seatpost, and the collar looks great topped with our ENVE-made Speedvagen post head. Lighten it up with the ENVE carbon fiber seat tube upgrade and you could be defending your machine to the UCI. Another benefit: You won’t need to buy a seat post! Our framesets include the custom-sized seatmast and saddle assembly saving you up to $350 on the final build.



A prime example of our form and function approach to design. We use very light material for the main body of the head tube and reinforce the ends to distribute stresses from the rider and the road. These reinforcements taper out to just the right diameter before meeting the headset, making for a beautiful transition. Each head tube is finished by hand and sized to the perfect length for it’s owner.

All in, this adds an hour or so to the process of making a frame compared to a standard head tube.


Brake Bridge

A typical brake bridge between the seatstays has a painted face where the brake mounts. On every bike in the world throughout history, the paint gets squeezed out when the brake is bolted on, breaking up the paint and leaving bare metal to rust. We like to use stainless steel in high wear and tear areas, and our seatstay bridge is better for it! In addition to the stainless reinforcement, the inside of the bridge has been machined out, turning the chunk of metal into what is essentially a very light and stiff box structure. The bridge tapers to a larger diameter where it attaches to the stays, decreasing flex, improving braking, and making for a beautiful transition.


BerZerker Dropouts

This dropout is our lightest and smartest to date. The Berzerker dropout is cast from a super strong steel alloy and incorporates stainless steel inner and outer faces. The use of dual materials means that we get the strength of the base metal and the protection from wear and tear offered by raw stainless. For the Speedvagen disc system, we’ve modified our Berzerker dropout so that the caliper fastens to the underside of the seatstay. Not only is it cleaner than a standard bolt-from-the-top option, but it also transmits the stress from the brake upwards into the tube rather than down onto the dropout. We haven’t seen it done this way before and we believe it’s a worthwhile innovation that will make for a lighter, stronger, and visually tidier machine.


Frame Options

OG_Fabrication_Curtes_3613 (1).jpg


Want the keys to the candy shop?

Full Custom is for you!

When you go Full Custom, we’ll lead you through all of the tasty paint combinations, standard, or superlight frame designs, the best components in the world and of course...The Fit. We see it over and over and over again–custom benefits every rider. Part of the equation of a good fit is being in the right shape on the bike. The shape can be achieved on a stock size, by changing the length of stem, seatpost setback, etc. The more important (and more elusive) piece though, is balance. A rider can have the right shape, but have their weight shifted too far forward, or too far back. The result of not being balanced is the rider fighting the position on the bike.

 Our fitting methods are different. They result in a bike that you are connected to and working with, rather than against. You won’t know until you try it and this is your chance! Come to our shop or catch us on one of our round-the-world Fitting Tours and work directly with founder Sacha White to get dialed. 

Once we get the fit right, we’ll design the custom frame from the ground up to have awesome racy proportions and ride just the way it should; nimble, fun, stable, and fast as H.E. double hockey sticks.

If you’re ready for that next level, even if you’ve been “riding a 56 my (your) whole life,” go Full Custom and experience how we do it. You won’t regret it!

*Full Custom pricing includes custom design and fabrication.

$300 fitting session billed separately.



The Original. Our Speedvagen road frame has been honed over the last decade—every last detail refined to deliver you the liveliest and most enjoyable ride of any of your bikes and any frame material.


  • Custom geometry designed from the ground up to match your fit coordinates
  • Speedvagen’s own new steel tubing
  • Ghost paint in one of the 2018 colors
  • Custom machined head tube with brushed stainless headbadge
  • Berzerker dropouts and brake bridge with brushed stainless steel reinforcement
  • Integrated seatmast with brushed stainless reinforcement• English BB shell (non-disc), PF30 BB shell (disc)


Our Superlight takes the liveliness, dependability, and speed that Speedvagen is known for, and makes it better. We build this next level road machine with our new custom drawn ultra light tubing, ENVE-made carbon fiber seat tube and seatpost head, stainless steel non-drive chainstay, and exclusive access to the Enve 1.0 fork. All of this means you’ll get a more supple ride and cut a massive 400+ grams making this one of the lightest and best riding steel racing frames in the world.


  • Custom geometry designed - for you - from scratch
  • Speedvagen’s Superlight tubing
  • ENVE 1.0 fork
  • ENVE carbon seat tube
  • ENVE carbon seatpost head
  • Columbus XCR stainless chainstay (driveside)
  • Ghost paint in one of the 2018 colors
  • Custom machined head tube with brushed stainless headbadge
  • Berzerker dropouts and brake bridge with brushed stainless steel reinforcement
  • Integrated seatmast with brushed stainless reinforcement
  • English BB shell (non-disc), PF30 BB shell (disc)


We’ve been using disc brakes on our bikes for the last 16 years. Now that a reliable and lightweight hydraulic disc setup is available for road and CX, we’re excited to make our disc bikes more broadly available. While a disc setup will be heavier than its rim brake counterpart, it does have its place, specifically if you’ll be riding in foul weather. 

We’ve done a complete re-design with an eye for removing clutter and making a disc bike that is lighter and better functioning. The resulting re-vamped Berzerker dropout has cleaner lines and transmits braking forces up into the seatstay where the stress can dissipate. We also machine a superlight, tapering head tube (1/2 the weight of standard head tube options) for each size of frame, keeping the proportions proper. Our disc brake machines include internal routing in the down tube, through the inside of the PF30 bottom bracket shell, and out the chainstays.

Your disc upgrade includes a Kogel ceramic bottom bracket unit, required for routing hydraulic housing internally through the frame.

Flat Mount Thru Axle is an additional $150



Easily our most popular upgrade. Our carbon fiber post head is made for us by Enve Composites right here in the USA. It has infinite adjustment, accommodates round or oval saddle rails, cuts weight and with the Speedvagen shield emblazoned on the front, it’s a beautiful finishing touch to your Speedvagen. 


 We developed our carbon fiber seat tube with our friends at ENVE Composites the same way we have worked with our steel tubing partners. Using the highest quality materials and most-exacting processes, we created a seat tube made to our exact specifications for thickness, stiffness, and weight. The carbon seat tube will soak up shock from the road, it offers a weight savings of between 200-300 grams depending on frame size and comes standard on Superlight Speedvagen models.



Over half of the bikes we build are designed to be used with Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS electronic groups. This system eliminates standard shift cable routing braze-ons and routes the wires inside of the frame’s tubing, rather than outside. Integrating the wiring harness into your frame adds considerable fabrication time and proprietary fittings, but the result is visual cleanliness and precise function.

Di2 wiring includes frame alterations only. Wiring harness and installation will be included in the component and build kit. Purchase a Di2 or EPS Gruppo through us and we will include this in your order.


We’ve developed our own integrated battery system which affixes the Shimano or Campagnolo battery neatly inside the top of the seat mast and under the seatpost head. The system is beautifully designed, weatherproof, and requires no tools for installation or removal of the battery for charging; it’s a pleasure to use.

This charge is for frame alteration, materials & battery. If you order the Di2 Battery integration, internal wire routing is also required.


Rugged Road


Rugged Road Starting at $5095

For a long time, the pinnacle of cycling was racing at the top level. If you were serious about riding, you eventually ended up in the peloton. With that came the “need” for the cycling public to have bikes with descriptions that mostly focused on weight, stiffness and what material.

What if you love riding, but racing is not your pinnacle? Where do you go? Is it important to have a 12lb, super stiff carbon bike and 23mm tires? What about how the bike rides? What about how you feel? Are you a part of the bike?

Over the last several years, more and more riders are bucking the notion that skinny tires, pace-lining and buying a new wonder bike each year, realizing that that doesn’t align with them as a cyclist.

Reality is taking over.

Finding new roads (sometimes made of dirt), taking a right down an unknown path, even though your map tells you to go straight. This is the domain where you want a machine that you love. Weight doesn’t matter, ride quality does. Feeling like this bike fits you like a glove and puts up with a rugged day of… whatever.

Rugged Road Includes:

  • Custom geometry designed - for you - from scratch.
  • Speedvagen’s tubing.
  • ENVE GRD Fork.
  • Tire Clearance designed around your wants and needs, up to a 700x44.
  • Ghost paint in one of the 2018 colors.
  • Berzerker dropouts with disc brakes.
  • Integrated seatmast with brushed stainless reinforcement.
  • PF30 BB shell (disc).


Want flat mount thru axle? We got you. Want QR, with mechanical brakes? Di2 or eTap, yes and yes. We got you. Need fenders? We KNOW fenders. The Rugged Road is our bike for where you want to take cycling, not where cycling wants to take you. That's an important difference. Rugged Road has a couple unique upgrades only available to it. As well as the upgrades above. 


2017 Speedvagen Rugged Road slate wFenders_34.jpg


Riding in Portland 365 days per year, we know (and love) fenders. Honjo fenders (made in Japan) are the lightest and most beautiful available. For the Rugged Road we customize the fenders to size, we then paint to match so that they’re more of an extension of the frame, rather than more stuff that’s just bolted on.

Painted to Match fenders are a $300 upgrade




Flat Mount Thru Axle 

New stuff rolls out all the time, that doesn't mean we are going force it on you, or retire our proven to work solutions, just the opposite really. If you need it, we will do our best to make it happen. QR with rim brakes, QR disc, or flat mount thru axle, the options are yours.

Flat Mount - Thru Axle is a $150 upgrade to Rugged Road


Build Kits



New for 2018, we will only be building 111 complete bikes. We feel strongly that when we send out a fully finished race machine, our customers get the highest level of customization and performance. During the final build-process we match your fit, and dial in every last little detail before taking your bike out for a shakedown ride and final race tuning. To help you get there, we keep our pricing competitive with big corporate companies and online re-sellers, up to 40% off of standard retail.

Every Speedvagen frame includes an ENVE carbon fork and Ritchey seat post head with 25mm setback. Our component offerings are broken into two kit levels: Kit A, and if you want to build up a 13lb steel wonder bike, talk to us about Kit X.


Kit A—ENVE carbon everything: $3345

The best race-worthy carbon fiber components.

  • HEADSET: Chris King (your choice of color)
  • HANDLEBAR: ENVE carbon fiber compact
  • STEM: ENVE carbon fiber, painted to match
  • SADDLE: Fabric Scoop w/carbon rails (black)
  • HANDLEBAR TAPE: Fizik Superlight Microtext (to match saddle)
  • HUBS: DT Swiss Straight Pull 240 or White Industries
  • RIMS: ENVE SES carbon clincher rims
  • SPOKES: DT Swiss Aerolite elliptical with ENVE nipples
  • TIRES: Schwalbe ONE clinchers
  • SHIPPING: included to domestic USA

Popular Kit A Upgrades Include:

  • ENVE tubulars
  • CeramicSpeed hub ceramic bearings
  • CeramicSpeed coated ceramic hub bearings
  • Painted to match DT Swiss hubs
  • Chris King R45 hubs
  • ENVE carbon ceramic hubs
  • King Cage & ENVE water bottle cages
  • Fizik 00 saddles
  • Contact for pricing
Speedvagen Kit X Road_foret_4673.jpg

Kit X—ultralight high mod: contact for pricing

The best way to your 13lb steel wonderbike

  • HEADSET: Extralight
  • SPACERS: Control Tech Ti 5/10/15mm
  • HANDLEBAR: ENVE carbon fiber compact
  • STEM: ENVE carbon fiber, painted to match
  • SADDLE: Fizik Antares 00 w/ carbon rails (black)
  • HANDLEBAR TAPE: Fizik Superlight Microtext (to match saddle)
  • HUBS: Extralight w/ CeramicSpeed bearings
  • RIMS: ENVE 2.2 tubular (black decals)
  • SKEWERS: Speedvagen Carbon Ti
  • SPOKES: DT Swiss Aerolite elliptical
  • TIRES: Schwalbe ONE tubular 700 x 24
  • CRANK: THM Clavicula SE
  • BOTTOM BRACKET: CeramicSpeed
  • PULLEY WHEELS: CermaicSpeed
  • SHIPPING: included to domestic USA

Popular Kit X Upgrades Include:

  • Painted to match hubs
  • King Cage & ENVE water bottle cages
  • Want to go even deeper? We have a Super Kit X.

Contact for pricing



The final step — As important as frame fabrication

When you order a complete bike, the final build and race tuning is lead by our master mechanic. This means that every detail is dialed; from fit (saddle position, number of spacers, tilt of saddle, handlebars and hoods), cable finishing, and even orientation of certain parts so that logo placement is just so. Let’s go even deeper. Our mechanic will be treating the inside of the frame with a sealant after paint to protect from the elements, greasing every single threaded part before install, facing surfaces where parts mate with the frame so that bearings are perfectly square to each other, dusting inner tubes before installing them onto wheels, and installing bolts with locktite so that they stay put and properly adjusted.

All of these details put together make for a better ride and a better experience owning and maintaining a machine.

Building up each Speedvagen ourselves is how we can ensure the whole package is just right.



With our history of racing Cyclocross and riding professionally as couriers, we’ve spent a lot of time on brutal terrain. You can bet that we know a thing or two about a great wheel and we treat it as the foundation of a great bike. We’ll talk with you about your riding style and help you zero in on the right hubs, rim depth, and tire size. We use the best spokes from DT Swiss, and Sapim. Your Speedvagen wheels will be expertly built here in our shop or by ENVE Composites.




SV Faceplate Kits

If you're a Speedvagen owner, you know that one of the special details of an SV is that we use raw metal faces in high wear and tear areas.

Now, with our SV Faceplate Kit you can customize your Speedvagen with a bright hit of color on your dropouts, brake bridge face and headbadge!

Made here in the US, the Anodized aluminum faces are easy to install and fit all SV road and disc models 2014 and newer.  Available as an upgrade for your new Custom SV or from our webstore if you are already apart of the Speedvagen Family.

The SV Faceplate kit: $84.95



Professor of fashion for 20 years, Mick Peel aka Busyman is now gracing the custom bike world with the finest leather saddle recovering and handlebar wrap available.

For your bike, we will work with Mick on a design that will subtly and beautifully complement your paint scheme, integrating the colors from the frame into the perforation of the leather.

And because we work with Busyman on over half of our bikes, we have time carved out in his schedule so your saddle and bar wrap will land when your bike is ready, rather than having to wait for months/years.

This is not a performance upgrade. Your bike will work just as well without as with. But if you have the budget, this is definitely one of those details that takes the bike to the next level.

Contact for pricing


Painted to match parts.



Hubs are a prime location to incorporate your Speedvagen frame color. Instead of the wheels looking like extra parts bolted into the bike, we like to carry the frame color down the fork and frame, through the hub and back up the frame/fork on the other side.

DT Swiss straight pull are our hubs of choice for color integration. Instead of a standard J bend spoke, which pushes against the hub flange, with straight pull, the spokes pierce the hub shell, leaving the spoke heads hidden inside.

The design for your color work will depend on the overall paint scheme of your bike and what is going to keep the look balanced overall - never too much and never to little.

Pricing is based on paint specifics.




We offer the painted to match Ritchey and Pro one-piece bar/stem combos as an upgrade option on our road bikes, Rugged Road and CX bikes. We like to extend the color of the frame into the extremities of the bike whenever we can making the surface area on top a broad canvas for our color integration.

KIT A/X: $700

ALA CARTE: Call for pricing

This upgrade option includes paint to match your Ghost, HollaText, or Horizon scheme. 



The frame pump represents a recent shift in cyclists’ priorities. Instead of the lightest of everything, people are focusing more on how well something works and how much they enjoy using it. Unlike CO₂ or a mini pump, with a full sized frame pump, not only will you always be able to get your tires up to full pressure, but you’ll be a best friend to everyone you ride with, cause you’ll always have enough air for them too.

We paint the beautifully made Silca Impero frame pump to match your new Speedvagen and equip your frame with the fittings to keep the pump in place.

Pricing is based on paint specifics.





Within each kit level you’ll have a choice of drivetrain brand and level (i.e. Shimano Dura Ace Di2, SRAM Red, etc.). Whether you’re going for top of the line electronic or good ol’ mechanical, we’ve got you covered with the best options on the market. Our gruppo pricing is up to 40% below MSRP and competitive with most online retailers. Each gruppo is sold as a complete unit with a parts kit, no substitutions.




SRAM RED 22: $1845



ULTEGRA DI2: $1900

SRAM RED 22 ETAP: $2663






SRAM RED 22 ETAP: $ 3125

SRAM RED 22: $ 1763

Popular Drivetrain Upgrades Include:

  • Chris King bottom brackets
  • Ceramicspeed bottom bracket
  • Ceramicspeed rear derailleur pulleys
  • EE Brakes
  • Various Power Meters

Contact for pricing







Every year we put together a new color palette. These colors are shared by all Custom Speedvagen for the year to create a family of bikes and a cross section of Speedvagen culture and history.


The five main colors for 2018 are Slate, Alpers, Industrial Grey, Berry, and Vermillion. Each of these colors work well with minimal graphics, but will also play nicely in a more robust graphics scheme using our secondary colors; Army, Gold, Coral, Mustard, Toddy, and Raisin.


In addition to the frame colors, you have several graphic styles to choose from: Ghost, HollaText, Horizon, and new to 2018 our A-Team Scheme. You can find more info and the available scheme offerings below.

Ghost graphics are included in the frameset cost. Each other option carries an upcharge to cover the extra time and materials needed to layout, mix, and hand-paint your Speedvagen. Of course there is also the Surprise Me option. Should be tasteful, but that’s relative isn’t it? Sacha’s choice. No hints, no regrets!




We’ve loved the look of a great color with minimal graphics, leaving the racy shape of the bike as a whole to speak for itself. “Ghost,” named both for the ghost-like nature of the graphics and for the friend whose bike we experimented on to develop our process.

Rather than using contrasting colors for branding, our Ghost graphics are three dimensional and painted in the same color as the frame, so the definition comes from the way the light hits the edges, rather than a different color element.

Color is important to us and a beautiful bike is going to make you want to ride more. It’s also important to us that fancy paint does not get in the way of you attacking your goals. The Ghost Scheme is a pure embodiment of that belief.

Ghost comes standard on all models.





Industrial Grey

Industrial Grey





Speedvagen Kit X Road_foret_4649.jpg


A Speedvagen original.

The Horizon scheme will give your bike depth and intricacy; and while it isn’t graphics heavy, it is bold and stripe-y like a race machine ought to be. Horizon blends our original intentions of a minimalist Speedvagen aesthetic (embodied by the Ghost scheme) with our compulsion to bring more color and “fast” into our frames.

For 2018 Horizon, we are offering 6 color combinations — some bright, some bold and some more subtle with a kick. All Horizons will come with our ghost graphics. Check out all paint scheme options below.

Horizon is a $750 upgrade

Speedvagen Kit X Road_foret_4699.jpg
Speedvagen Kit X Road_foret_4652.jpg
Coral-Berry-Industrial Grey

Coral-Berry-Industrial Grey

Slate - Vermillion - Alpers

Slate - Vermillion - Alpers

Industrial Grey - Gold - Gold

Industrial Grey - Gold - Gold

Alpers - Berry - Coral

Alpers - Berry - Coral

Industrial Grey - Dark Industrial Grey - Vermillion

Industrial Grey - Dark Industrial Grey - Vermillion


Holla text

Everything in our shop is an evolution. For years we’d been kicking around the idea of color fading in the text. We fell in love with the result. HollaText, features a two color fade as well as extra linework to make the graphic sections taper off into the main color. 

For 2018 we are offering 5 HollaText color combinations.Check out all paint scheme options Below.

HollaText is a $950 upgrade

Alpers Base - Toddy to Coral fade.

Alpers Base - Toddy to Coral fade.

Army Base - Slate to Alpers fade.

Army Base - Slate to Alpers fade.

Toddy Base - Industrial Grey to Army fade.

Toddy Base - Industrial Grey to Army fade.

Industrial Grey Base - Two tone Gold fade

Industrial Grey Base - Two tone Gold fade

Berry Base - Toddy to Rasin fade.

Berry Base - Toddy to Rasin fade.


A-Team Scheme

Racy diagonal color blocking, large downtube and fork logos, and a strong pop of color. All of these ingredients build a fantastic team scheme. Designed to be seen and to fly the speedvagen flag to the fullest extent. We expect the A-team to be a popular choice in 2018.   

For 2018 we are offering six A-Team color combinations. Check out all paint scheme options below.

A-Team Scheme is a $850 upgrade

Alpers - Light Alpers - Toddy

Alpers - Light Alpers - Toddy

Berry - Dark Berry - Coral

Berry - Dark Berry - Coral

Vanilla Blue - Cyan - Army Green

Vanilla Blue - Cyan - Army Green

Slate - Dark Slate - Coral

Slate - Dark Slate - Coral

Vermillion - Dark Vermillion - Gold

Vermillion - Dark Vermillion - Gold

Industrial Gret - Dark Industrial Grey - Vermillion

Industrial Gret - Dark Industrial Grey - Vermillion

2017 Surprise Me shown above. 

2017 Surprise Me shown above. 


Surprise Me

No hints. No regrets.

Surprise Me is our most popular paint option each year. We feel it reflects the gusto of Speedvagen riders as well as how much they trust in Speedvagen design abilities.

Each year, we develop a color scheme and layout for the Surprise Me bikes that becomes a cultural snapshot of what is going on in The Vanilla Workshop that season. Shared among Road, CX, Rugged Road and Urban Racer, all Surprise Me bikes get the same graphic layout with changes to base color to complement the rider.

Do you like more of a tough look? Or fruity, or euro-racy, or classy There’s a Surprise Me for that. Talk to us about your likes or dislikes and we’ll tailor your Surprise Me to your personal style.

Surprise Me starts at $1500


Final Touches




With The Vanilla Workshop Shipping Sled, you’ll be able to go from boxed bike to riding with your buds in about 5 minutes. The best part is that you’ll end up with a tabletop work stand and a place to park your bike when you’re not riding it. When you receive your bike, all you will need to do is attach the front wheel, slide the stem onto the steerer tube, and adjust your headset. No trip to the bike shop, that is unless you want to show off your new bike!





We use UPS for domestic and international shipments. Because of the amount we ship each year, we have negotiated good rates and we pass the savings onto our customers. Once we have shipping calculated, we’ll simply add it to the customer invoice. Please note: the customer is responsible for any and all taxes, tariffs, and duties to their country.

  • FRAMESET TO US: $150
  • FRAMESET INTERNATIONAL: call for quote

If you live overseas and prefer to use your own shipping carrier, once you’ve arranged the details, we will gladly follow through with your carrier plan to ensure a safe pick-up from our shop. We can also furnish you with basic information like weight, dimensions and a detailed invoice to arrange the shipment with your firm.



Many of our customers come to pick their bike up in person. This way you get to see where your new baby was born, meet everyone who had a hand in building it, ride some of our roads (or dirt!), and we can even fine-tune your fit in-person!



We want to be sure that whether you’re racing at an elite level, doing trans-state gravel adventures, or just shredding with your pals, Speedvagen is a tool to meet your goals. This means taking your Speedvagen to its limits and, yes, sometimes crashing it. Nicks, scratches, and little dents mean that the bike is well loved. Battle scars are reminders of our achievements and the reality of a tool that gets well used.

Should you need it, our Crash Repair program places your frame to the front of the queue so that it’s back in your hands and you can get back to riding your favorite bike. We’ll begin work on it the week it lands in the shop and will be working on it consistently until it ships out. To keep the repairs quick and inexpensive, we have a special paint scheme that’s devised just for the troubled area. This paint scheme is reserved only for crash repairs; a badge of honor bestowed upon those using their SV as intended. If you want to replicate your current paint, we can do anything from quick and dirty (you’ll see the difference between the old paint and the new), all the way to perfect and imperceptible, which usually means a full re-paint. Shoot us an EMAIL with photos and we’ll give you a quote for cost and turnaround time.


The Vanilla Workshop guarantees our frames against failure of materials, or workmanship for the original owner for 10 years.

What does this mean? If something happens to your frame and it is determined by our warranty/repair department to be a result of some kind of defect in our workmanship or materials, we’ll take care of it. Shoot us an EMAIL or a call, we’ll look over the problem first via photos and then in person if need be.


Well that’s it.

Fun, right?! 

It’s fun for us too!

Give us a call or email to talk details.

Things you might want to think about:

Do I have a current bike that I like the fit of? Have I been fit by a professional any time recently... like the past ten years recently? Have I wanted to take a trip to Portland anytime soon (I hear its wet there this time of year)? Is there any chance that the Speedvagen Fitting Tour might be coming my way soon?

What gruppo do I want to run? Am I more of an old school mechanical rim brake kinda person or do I like the ease and modern flourish of electronic?

Do I have an event or specific time I need or want my custom Speedvagen race machine in time for? 

Do I totally salavate about ripping my bike down every single gravel path and fireroad I see or do I mainly stick to whatever is paved... (I hate when rocks get in my Speedplays)?

Am I a weight weenie? Am I sticking to a certain budget? 

When it comes to paint, do I like it simple, classic, mean, racy, bright, or fruity and fun? Do I like lots of graphics or perfer simplicity? Do I like surprises or control?

Thinking about these details will help guide you on the path to your next level Speedvagen; and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to be your guides.

Your next step is to call 503-233-2453 or email and talk options!