Painted to match parts.


SILCA FRAME PUMP our favorite upgrade.

The frame pump represents a recent shift in cyclists’ priorities. Instead of the lightest of everything, people are focusing more on how well something works and how much they enjoy using it. Unlike CO₂ or a mini pump, with a full sized frame pump, not only will you always be able to get your tires up to full pressure, but you’ll be a best friend to everyone you ride with, cause you’ll always have enough air for them too.

We paint the beautifully made Silca Impero frame pump to match your new Speedvagen and equip your frame with the fittings to keep the pump in place.

Pricing is based on paint specifics.



Hubs are a prime location to incorporate your Speedvagen frame color. Instead of the wheels looking like extra parts bolted into the bike, we like to carry the frame color down the fork and frame, through the hub and back up the frame/fork on the other side.

DT Swiss straight pull are our hubs of choice for color integration. Instead of a standard J bend spoke, which pushes against the hub flange, with straight pull, the spokes pierce the hub shell, leaving the spoke heads hidden inside.

The design for your color work will depend on the overall paint scheme of your bike and what is going to keep the look balanced overall - never too much and never to little.

Pricing is based on paint specifics.




We offer the painted to match Ritchey and Pro one-piece bar/stem combos as an upgrade option on our road bikes, Rugged Road and CX bikes. We like to extend the color of the frame into the extremities of the bike whenever we can making the surface area on top a broad canvas for our color integration.

KIT A/X: $700

ALA CARTE: Call for pricing

This upgrade option includes paint to match your Ghost, HollaText, or Horizon scheme.