Speedvagen now come as either Ready Made with our dialed stock geometry or Full Custom. Both are handmade with the similar materials features and techniques. Custom offers you full license to go wild with paint, component spec and all the details. Ready Made is a straight-to-the-point way to get your hands on a hand built Speedvagen in about 2 months.


For it’s third round, our OG1 road machine will have options for mechanical or electronic shifting, The OG1 will come standard with Fabric Scoop titanium railed saddle and will only be available in our signature “Ghost” single-color paint scheme. The number one Ready Made question we get is, “Can an OG1 be made with disc brakes?” This year we released the Disc OG so for the first time ever the answer is “yes!”  


We are so pumped on the 2019 color palette! Spring-boarding off of our favorite Surprise Me and custom bikes from last year, this year’s family of colors includes is our broadest to date, but still following our own path of colors you likely wouldn’t come to expect on bicycles.


Our “chef’s choice” paint option gets the newest of what we’re working on–a snapshot of the the future of Speedvagen design, combined with the surprise of not knowing what you’re getting until you open the box. As always, “No hints. No regrets.”

Capped Custom Ordering

There will only be 111 complete Speedvagen, leaving the Workshop this year. In an effort to be better this is the number we believe where no detail will be overlooked. Along with that this provides easier scheduling for your build as we can tell you exactly when your bike will move from fabrication > Paint > Build > Shipping based on when you confirm your order. 

Speedvagen Carbon Fiber seatPost Head 2.0

Starting now all bikes upgrading to the carbon fiber post head (made by Enve Composites) will get the version 2.0. Featuring their two bolt system insuring your saddle angle is locked in tight. The new design now offers more vertical adjustability, about 35mm, making saddle swaps a breeze. For the first time, we now have a carbon post head with 20mm of set back.


For those living in coastal regions or riding year round in areas with salted roads, our custom frames now come with the option of Harsh Climate protection to preserve all areas that are typically affected by corrosives. Our HC package includes:

  • Stainless Steel Headtube, Bottom Bracket Shell, Waterbottle Bosses, Cable Stops, Front Derailleur Brazeons

  • Full Stainless dropouts

  • Thorough coating of protective oils inside of frame post-paint

Beefy Build

In the world of custom bikes designed specifically for each customer, we know just how different the human body can be. Designed for larger than average cyclist. We affectionally call it the beefy build, originally designed, prototyped, built, and developed by our head of production Dan who is a Paul Bunyan of a man. This is the bike for the bigger people out there. It will also be great if you consider yourself a pure sprinter, you will dig the additional stiffness. The Beefy Build packaged features:

  • Our tapered HT and tapered Enve Fork rim or disc.

  • Bigger, stiffer, stronger down tube

  • Chain stay bridge

  • Enve 4.5 wheels to reduce pad rub.


Do you like light weight with the great ride of a steel race machine? This is for you. In addition to our original custom road model, you will have the option of a custom Superlight road frameset. With the Superlight, thanks to our new steel, stronger stainless, and some strategically placed carbon, you can get great handling and a balanced ride and drop one full pound from the overall weight of an already light Speedvagen frameset!


This year, we’re going even deeper on details with our component offerings. Topping the list is our new Super Kit X. This is a tailor built one off component package designed around your wants and needs. If you say you want the lightest Speedvagen to date, boom done. We are also offering a couple of power-meters, three new custom saddle and bar wrap offerings from Busyman in Australia, plus Silca frame and floor pumps, beautifully painted to match your new bike!