Rugged Road & 650b Rugged Road Starting at $5195

For a long time, the pinnacle of cycling was racing at the top level. If you were serious about riding, you eventually ended up in the peloton. With that came the “need” for the cycling public to have bikes with descriptions that mostly focused on weight, stiffness and what material.

What if you love riding, but racing is not your pinnacle? Where do you go? Is it important to have a 12lb, super stiff carbon bike and 23mm tires? What about how the bike rides? What about how you feel? Are you a part of the bike?

Over the last several years, more and more riders are bucking the notion that skinny tires, pace-lining and buying a new wonder bike each year, realizing that that doesn’t align with them as a cyclist.

Reality is taking over.

Finding new roads (sometimes made of dirt), taking a right down an unknown path, even though your map tells you to go straight. This is the domain where you want a machine that you love. Weight doesn’t matter, ride quality does. Feeling like this bike fits you like a glove and puts up with a rugged day of… whatever.

Rugged Road Includes:

  • Custom geometry designed - for you - from scratch.

  • Speedvagen’s tubing.

  • ENVE’s new Gravel Fork.

  • Tire Clearance designed around your wants and needs, up to a 700x44 or 650x47

  • Ghost paint in one of the 2018 colors.

  • Flat Mount Thru Axle.

  • Integrated seatmast with brushed stainless reinforcement.

  • PF30 BB shell (disc).


Want flat mount thru axle? We got you. Want QR, with mechanical brakes? Di2 or eTap, yes and yes. We got you. Need fenders? We KNOW fenders. The Rugged Road is our bike for where you want to take cycling, not where cycling wants to take you. That's an important difference. Rugged Road has a couple unique upgrades only available to it. As well as the upgrades above. 




Riding in Portland 365 days per year, we know (and love) fenders. Honjo fenders (made in Japan) are the lightest and most beautiful available. For the Rugged Road we customize the fenders to size, we then paint to match so that they’re more of an extension of the frame, rather than more stuff that’s just bolted on.

Painted to Match fenders are a $500 upgrade




Flat Mount Thru Axle 

New stuff rolls out all the time, that doesn't mean we are going force it on you, or retire our proven to work solutions, just the opposite really. If you need it, we will do our best to make it happen. QR with rim brakes, QR disc, or flat mount thru axle, the options are yours.

Flat Mount Thru Axle comes standard on the Rugged Road