Details make the difference.

The time and care we put into each bike goes toward the craft of hundreds of details big and small. Each refinement alone is not revolutionary, but when put together make for a rarified gestalt experience, on and off the bike. This sum, greater than each part, is a feeling—an emotion for how the bike rides that only a Speedvagen can give you.

From start to finish, including design, development, and prototyping, we put an average of 150 hrs into custom Speedvagen complete builds. Ask around and you’ll find that in the world of custom bikes, this is an extraordinary amount of time. A mass produced steel frame can take just an hour to build while a basic custom frame can take as little as ten hours.

There are a lot of bikes in the world. Heck, there is a lot of everything in the world. We are not here to crank bikes out and fill the world with more stuff, stuff that is just OK, or even stuff that is good. We are here to make a handful of bikes that are the pinnacle of ride quality and to give our customers a rarified great experience. We’re here to bring excellence to the world.