Speedvagen was born on the cross course

Speedvagen started with a cross bike, so it should be no surprise that cyclocross is still our favorite of all disciplines. Maybe that’s because the culture of cross (camaraderie, celebration and racing your guts out, 100%) matches our values so closely.

Much of Speedvagen’s distinct aesthetic comes from lots of head scratching about how a cross machine could be better. The details run deep and they’re all there for a reason. If they made the cut, it’s because they make the bike faster, or better for shouldering, or to solve the ages old canti brake issues. If not, they’re gone.

Much like our original VX07 Single Speed CX bike, the Anniversary Edition has all of the innovations that the brand cut its teeth on, but with a twist. Modern components and 10 more years of experience building bicycles and the knowledge and craft that comes with it.


The Build

  • One iconic color option: Our original shade of matte Army Green

  • Single speed

  • Fork: Enve Canti CX

  • Wheels: DEEEEP Enve Rims with Chris King R45 hubs

  • Tires: Donnelly Tubless PDX

  • Brakes: Paul Neo Retro Front / Paul Touring Canti Rear

  • Saddle: Fabric Scoop Ti rails

  • Stem: Built In House Integrated CK dust cap & cable hanger stem.

  • Bar: Enve

  • Seat post head: Enve

  • Headset: Chris King

  • Bottom Bracket: White Industries

  • Crankset: White Industries

  • Plus, all of the features of our standard Speedvagen frame integrated seatmast, super light steel.

  • Only 11 total Custom Completes will be produced $7495.95. No paint or part changes are allowed.

VX07 Annivarsary EDition

Details make the difference. The time and care we put into each bike goes toward the craft of hundreds of details big and small. Each refinement alone is not revolutionary, but when put together make for a rarified gestalt experience, on and off the bike. This sum, greater than each part, is a feeling — an emotion for how the bike rides that only a Speedvagen can give you.

The VX07 was the original idea behind all of this. Coming from a place of pure need and an unstoppable internal compulsion and passion to make the best cyclocross bike available. We started by Stripping away absolutely everything and innovation with what was left. This lead us down the path of pure innovation at the time. Things like running the brake cable directly through the seat mast eliminating the need for a cable stop. Piercing the seat stays with Canti mounts to provide a stiffer and lighter solution. Lastly, combining the stem with the headset dust cap as well routing the brake cable through the stem using it instead of a traditional cable hanger for the front brake.


speedvagen standard features


Speedvagen steel is realer than real

Made from the latest technology, our new steel is to traditional steel what a Tesla is to a 60’s Ford. Speedvagen tubes are 4-6 times stronger than the tubing people typically associate with a steel bike. Because it’s stronger, it can be made lighter, resulting in a Speedvagen as light as 13lbs (6kgs) complete. Learn more about our tubing in our deep dive.


Vanilla Single Speed DropOuts

Our original stainless steel single speed dropouts, featuring brazed on brass plates. Since brass is a softer material the skewer bites in more providing a slip free solution. We hand polish each drop out for a super clean finish.


Built In House Stem

With an integrated Chris King dust cap (machined by Chris King to the exact specification of their headset) and internal cable routing through the stem to replace traditional cantilever cable hangers. You get better braking performance, less parts and a fully integrated look.



The Original SPeedvagen VX07