Every year we put together a new color palette. These colors are shared by all Custom Speedvagen for the year to create a family of bikes and a cross section of Speedvagen culture and history. People often ask how we pick our colors? Our answer is “we don’t, we make our colors.”

For 2019 we are blowing the doors off our normal small color palette, producing our largest and most cohesive palette to date. Each of these colors work well with minimal graphics, but will also play nicely in a more robust graphics schemes. Maybe we are growing up a little or maybe we just have a stronger sense of who we are right now, but this palette is has everything Speedvagen has been known for, sass, surprise, and ultimately custom colors bench mixed here. There are no stock “paint codes”, only our formulations put together by our expert paint team. We love hearing i’ve never seen anything like that when

In addition to the frame colors, we mixing things up a tad on the schemes. This year, in love with the “glassed effect” inspired by surfboards on the 2018 Surprise Me, we carry that technique over on the West Coast Horizon. A loose and surfy Horizon with a stacked up transparent paint effect. You can also choose from several other graphic styles: Ghost, HollaText, Horizon, and A-Team Scheme. You can find more info and the available scheme offerings below.

Ghost graphics are included in the frameset cost. Each other option carries an upcharge to cover the extra time and materials needed to layout, mix, and hand-paint your Speedvagen. Of course there is also the Surprise Me option. Should be tasteful, but that’s relative isn’t it? Sacha’s choice. No hints, no regrets!